Monday 22 April 2024

We’ll Help You Pronounce These 14 Words You Learned In Books

Chances are, when you started reading you encountered plenty of new words. That’s great for you—you were learning, after all—but here’s the catch. Your skill at pronouncing these words didn’t necessarily keep up with your reading skills, leading to some funny mishaps. Did colonel’s pronunciation confuse you? What about choir? Or hors’d’oeuvres? (Did you try “horse divorce” or “hers dervs”?) This might seem silly now, but many of us have funny stories about the words that tripped us up when we tried to say them out loud for the first time!
Let’s take a look at some other words that you’re liable to mispronounce if you learn them from a book. [From]


Anonymous said...

I have hundreds of anecdotes due to my pronunciation errors, some of them have lead to hilarious and unforgettable situations 😅😂

Miguel Ángel said...

You could share some, couldn't you?