Wednesday 31 May 2017

The Vocabulary you have to use in Advanced Exams (Updated with activities and most rechecked)

  1. Personal Identification, Physical Aspect, Character, Personality, (activity), (activity, key)
  2. Home, Neighbourhood, City, Money (activity), (activity), (activity, key), (activity, key)
  3. Daily Life ActivitiesWork, Career (activity)
  4. Leisure Time, Sports, HobbiesArtsMediaMusic (activity)
  5. Travel & Transport (activity, key)
  6. Relationships, Humans and Society (activity)
  7. Health (activity, key), (activity)
  8. Education (activity + key) (activity)
  9. Shopping, Trade (activity)
  10. Food, Food 2 (activity)
  11. LawPoliticsBanks (activity), (activity)
  12. Language, Information, Communication (activity)
  13. Weather, Nature and Environment, Weather & Climate (activity), (activity), (activity), (activity)
  14. IT (Information Technologies) and Science (activity), (activity)
Find more vocabulary on Oxford Learners Dictionaries TOPIC DICTIONARIES

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