Friday 31 July 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

What does this idiom mean? "Not very often". "De higos a brevas", "de uvas a peras", "muy de vez en cuando", "una vez en un millón" ... Why?
The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one month. A full moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days and on the rare occasions when the full moon falls at the very beginning of a month there is a good chance a Blue Moon will occur at the end of it. According to this definition we have a blue moon today.
For exact times of the Full and Blue Moons see the Full Moon Calendar.

Mobile phone vocabulary

Top Brain, Bottom Brain

See what kind of thinker you are ... Because you think, don't you?
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Thursday 30 July 2015

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More about boxes...

... after last 18th June post...a bit of poetry by Alan Maley:

Tuesday 21 July 2015

CNN Student News

CNN Student News is a 10-minute, commercial-free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes. This award-winning show and its companion website are available free of charge throughout the school year. You can see now this year's last show (on 5th June). Broadcast will resume on August 17th.
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Monday 20 July 2015

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Are you Open-Minded?

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