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How I rewired my brain in 6 weeks

EL PAÍS English News

Pro-Palestine demonstrations sweep US universities 

Dear readers, ‌ 

Pro-Palestinian protests sweeping university campuses across the United States have taken on a new dimension and entered the political sphere — 200 demonstrators were arrested during a sit-in outside the home of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer late Tuesday — just months before the November presidential elections. (...). House Speaker Mike Johnson visited Columbia Wednesday, where he called for the arrests of those “perpetrating this violence” and the resignation of Columbia president Nemat Shafik “if she cannot immediately bring order to this chaos.” Johnson also warned that there is “an appropriate time for the National Guard” with student protestors showing few signs of giving ground. ‌ 

EL PAÍS this week visited participants in the Freedom Flotilla in Istanbul, from where an international initiative aims to land humanitarian aid in Gaza in defiance of the Israeli blockade. Around 500 people of 40 nationalities are taking part in the trip (...). ‌

We also spoke to experts about the fate of the little-known Iberian desman, which faces extinction within 10-30 years due to loss of habitat and the effects of climate change. The small river-dwelling mammals are listed as endangered and survive only in pockets across the Iberian Peninsula (...). It is an evolutionary jewel and is a great responsibility for the countries where it lives.” ‌ 

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from El País USA Edition

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Friday 26 April 2024

Inversion Examples

34 things you didn't know about English Culture

Want to understand English people and their culture better? In this listening and culture lesson, I’ll talk you through some of the things you might not already know about life in England. For example, I’ll explain to you why some English people wear paper red flowers in the month of November. I’ll explain some of the things you may have observed, but don’t quite understand if you are new to English culture – such as some of the weird adverts you may have seen on television with talking meerkats in them. There are lots of topics to cover in this lesson: holidays, life events, the big brother state, culture, and more. Join me and learn more about life in England, while improving your listening comprehension at the same time. See how well you understood the lesson by taking the quiz here

Thursday 25 April 2024

Suggested sentences from prompts

  • If he hadn't travelled to Madagascar, he wouldn't have met this wonderful lemur.
  • Not only did the man use a plane to go there, but he also travelled by a four-by-four.
  • He should've brought his family to Madagascar.
  • This lemur will have met many humans before.
  • What he didn't expect was having a lemur on his shoulder!
  • Never have I seen a similar snap!

C1 (Revision Module 4) Welcome to the Smart City of the Future

Watch this BBC Ideas Video and do the activities provided in the activity sheet (Cambridge English). [Transcript and answers provided on BBC website and activity sheet (p. 3)]

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Practice from Prompts

Use these prompts to write sentences about the picture with the man and the lemur:

  • If ...
  • Not only ...
  • ... should've ...
  • ... will have...
  • What ...
  • Never has ...
Tomorrow you'll be able to read some suggestions.

C2 Vocabulary


Underline / highlight the 5 words / phrases you would like to learn in each chart, look them up and write a sentence with them. Choose the ones you've some time come across, but whose meaning you cannot remember.

[Remember the hyphenated phrases are not hyphenated in their writing; they're like that to appear in the same colour!]

Tuesday 23 April 2024

World Book Day Activity

Today is Book Day in Spain (on the first Thursday of March in the UK) Let's celebrate!

Thanks Concha!
Watch the presentation and be ready to do the following in class with Dane (next Monday C2 group) and Gio (next Thursday C1 group): 

· Provide a commentary about the whole presentation. 

· Choose 2 or 3 pictures, describe them and explain to your classmates why you selected them. 

Speaking time: 1-2 mins.

Shakespeare's Expressions in Today's World

Thanks Laura!

If you want to learn more about Shakespeare, click here.

World Book and Copyright Day

"So many books, so little time" (Frank Zappa)

The connection between 23 April and books was first made in 1923 by booksellers in Spain as a way to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes who died on that day. In 1995, UNESCO decided that the World Book Day would be celebrated on this date the date is also the anniversary of the birth and death of William Shakespeare, the death of Miguel de Cervantes, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and others.
Although 23 April is often stated as the anniversary of the deaths of both William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, this is not strictly correct. Cervantes died on 22 April and was buried on 23 April according the Gregorian calendar; however, at this time England still used the Julian calendar. Whilst Shakespeare died on 23 April by the Julian calendar in use in his own country at the time, he actually died eleven days after Cervantes because of the discrepancy between the two date systems. (Adapted from WIKIPEDIA)

Remember it is St. George's Day as well, important day for the English!

Think of the book (fiction or non-fiction) you would recommend your classmates. The book you have enjoyed most in your life. Try to convince them to read it giving your reasons (in just 1-2 mins.) We'll be doing this activity in class today!
Your intonation will be key to convince everyone!!!

Participle Clauses in English (explanations in Spanish and translated sentences)

Monday 22 April 2024

We’ll Help You Pronounce These 14 Words You Learned In Books

Chances are, when you started reading you encountered plenty of new words. That’s great for you—you were learning, after all—but here’s the catch. Your skill at pronouncing these words didn’t necessarily keep up with your reading skills, leading to some funny mishaps. Did colonel’s pronunciation confuse you? What about choir? Or hors’d’oeuvres? (Did you try “horse divorce” or “hers dervs”?) This might seem silly now, but many of us have funny stories about the words that tripped us up when we tried to say them out loud for the first time!
Let’s take a look at some other words that you’re liable to mispronounce if you learn them from a book. [From Dictionary.com]

EL PAÍS News in English

How Israel repelled Iran’s attack

Dear readers,

This week we are featuring an analysis with detailed graphs showing how the Israel Defense Forces managed to intercept the barrage of drones and missiles fired by Iran, some of which were launched from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, where Tehran has allied militias.

‌In Ukraine, our correspondent interviewed members of three Russian armed groups fighting alongside Kyiv. All of them oppose Vladimir Putin and believe a political solution is no longer viable.

Other popular stories this week include a look at the construction problems plaguing Elon Musk's The Loop, the modular network of underground connections aimed at ending traffic jams in cities like Las Vegas and L.A.

We also unveil the real reason the famous city-state of Teotihuacán disappeared, why some people have a tendency to see faces in everyday objects, and why taking Ozempic can make you look 10 years older.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from El País USA Edition.

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Friday 19 April 2024

Thursday 18 April 2024

Key to Tuesday's Written Mediation Activity

Check your answer here.

Compare and contrast your written mediation suggestion with this one. Pay special attention to the missing info rather than in any other aspect. If you used bullet points instead of commas, no problem.

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Written Mediation Activity

CONTEXT: John, an English friend of yours, is doing a paper about Guidance for the general public in European countries in case of a terrorist attack and found this info sheet on the Ministerio del Interior website. It is too long and he does not understand everything. He asks you to summarize the most important info in English.

TASK: Write an email to him summarizing the content of the info sheet in about 125-150 words. [Suggested Answer in two days]

Monday 15 April 2024

EL PAÍS News in English

Gaza in ruins

Dear readers,

As the Gaza war enters its seventh month, EL PAÍS used satellite imagery and damage assessment data to document the devastation in the Strip caused by the Israeli offensive. Up to 57% of buildings in the enclave have been damaged or destroyed, according to analysis carried out at the University of Oregon, but that figure rises to 75% in the capital, (...). EL PAÍS also spoke to Palestinian journalist Wael Dahdouh, who has lost his wife and three of his children in the war. “Israel is deliberately killing journalists in Gaza,” said the bureau chief of Al Jazeera television in the Strip. “They do not want us to continue documenting what is happening.”

‌The mysterious “Havana syndrome” once again made headlines around the world this week. A fresh investigation into the illness that has apparently affected some 200 people for several years, including employees of the White House, the CIA and the FBI and seems to back the theory pointing to Russia as one of the direct culprits through military intelligence Unit 29155, which allegedly deployed “directed energy” weapons. (...). Both Cuba and Russia have denied the allegations in the report, which Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described as “baseless accusations.”

We also interviewed Nadège Vanhee, who has worked as creative director of women’s ready-to-wear at Hermès for the last decade, a tenure that has lasted practically an eternity by fashion standards. One of the few women at the helm of a major brand, Vanhee operates in a way that runs in contrast to the public image of the industry, maintaining a low profile and avoiding social media and public exposure. (...).

‌We hope you enjoy this week's selection of stories

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Friday 12 April 2024

Thursday 11 April 2024

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Talking Point Worksheets English.com by Liz Regan

Topics to Talk About. Use the worksheets to get ideas to speak about the following topics: Adoption Art Corruption Crime Food Friendship Natural Disasters Olympic Games Shopping Recession

Yes, I know some of the questions sound a bit old-fashioned, but you can always update them! ... and you have topics and questions to talk (and prepare answers for).
Perhaps you might use the activities about the topics you're less familiar with ...

If you haven't got a regular English-speaking partner yet to talk and practise, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!

Monday 8 April 2024

Money Names

EL PAÍS News in English

Attack on World Central Kitchen

Dear readers,

This week, seven aid workers from the disaster relief group World Central Kitchen (WCK) were killed by an Israeli missile strike. In the wake of the attack on the organization, founded by Spanish-American chef José Andrés, EL PAÍS looked at other civilians who have been killed by Israeli soldiers. (...).

‌In Argentina, we spoke to the workers in the firing line of President Milei's mass government layoffs, and in Colombia, we reported on the efforts to crack down on sex tourism after a U.S. citizen was discovered with two young girls.

In other news, we interviewed Jane C. Ginsburg, the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, about the challenges posed by artificial intelligence, reviewed a new book that depicts Franco’s Spain as a Nazi hideout, and investigated why the American far-right is obsessed with nicotine pouches.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection of stories.

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Friday 5 April 2024

Vocabulary + Phrasal Verbs + Idioms by TOPIC

You can find more than a thousand C1 words, phrasal verbs and idioms classified by topics in this 33-page document (made by EOI Málaga students and found by Antonio). 

Enjoy it!!! Really good stuff!!!

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Museum and Art Vocabulary

Art Vocabulary 1
Art vocabulary 2

On Phrasal Verbs (By Lucy)

First read here; then do the Ultimate Phrasal Verbs Test, and finally, write on the Search this Blog section (on your right): "Phrasal Verbs" and choose the most appealing entry for you.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

C1 & C2 If you enjoy reading articles, this is your post!

Article writing skills may be helped with article reading. The following are a selection of articles which I found interesting (with my notes): vocabulary to learn in green; useful phrases in yellow. Hope you enjoy them:

Read the following articles V. You'll be able to find I, II, III and IV there as well.

Key April Fool's Day

Check your answers here.
[Click on the headlines in activity 2 to read the news]

Monday 1 April 2024

Spaghetti Harvest

April Fool's Day

Today's April Fool's Day in the UK. Do this activity to learn a bit about the day and hoaxes. 
[Key tomorrow] Don't miss the links in Activity 2

EL PAÍS News in English

A blow to the heart of the city

Dear readers,

In the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, we reconstructed the accident in a series of graphs and maps that show the path of the container ship as it lost control and rammed into a pillar in the middle of the night, bringing down the structure, killing several workers and delivering a blow to the economic heart of the city.

This week we bring you two interviews. One is with Shlomo Ben Ami, a former Israeli minister who discusses the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on America's Jewish community; the other is with the popular neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky, who goes over his theory that humans have no free will but are instead mostly moved by factors beyond their control.

We also analyzed Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador's new strategy to influence the vote of Mexicans living in the U.S., and revisited the sad life of Mileva Einstein, the first wife of the Nobel Prize winner and a brilliant scientist in her own right who was nevertheless treated like a maid.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from El País USA Edition.

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