Monday 29 April 2024

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Pro-Palestine demonstrations sweep US universities 

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Pro-Palestinian protests sweeping university campuses across the United States have taken on a new dimension and entered the political sphere — 200 demonstrators were arrested during a sit-in outside the home of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer late Tuesday — just months before the November presidential elections. (...). House Speaker Mike Johnson visited Columbia Wednesday, where he called for the arrests of those “perpetrating this violence” and the resignation of Columbia president Nemat Shafik “if she cannot immediately bring order to this chaos.” Johnson also warned that there is “an appropriate time for the National Guard” with student protestors showing few signs of giving ground. ‌ 

EL PAÍS this week visited participants in the Freedom Flotilla in Istanbul, from where an international initiative aims to land humanitarian aid in Gaza in defiance of the Israeli blockade. Around 500 people of 40 nationalities are taking part in the trip (...). ‌

We also spoke to experts about the fate of the little-known Iberian desman, which faces extinction within 10-30 years due to loss of habitat and the effects of climate change. The small river-dwelling mammals are listed as endangered and survive only in pockets across the Iberian Peninsula (...). It is an evolutionary jewel and is a great responsibility for the countries where it lives.” ‌ 

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