Friday 29 April 2022

Cultural Activities in May

  • Guided tour of MURAM (Museo Regional de Arte Moderno) in English: Thursday 12th at 6 pm.
  • Book Club 3: Mrs Bixby (Roal Dahl), Tuesday 17th at midday (Salón de Actos / Aula 2)

Solidarity Concert for Ukraine

C1 & C2 Some extra interesting VOCABULARY to write reviews...

Have a look at these adjectives to describe films
Some vocabulary to mean Exciting and Interesting & collocations with Interesting.

C1 & C2: Review Writing

Let's start with an activity from Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Study Pages: A Film Review. Then have a look at some samples of Film Reviews (you choose them): study the structure, phrases and some useful vocabulary.
In this presentation (by Javi) you can see some more extra useful vocabulary for Book Reviews (remember to check How to Write a Book Review)
Check this Restaurant Review and Useful Vocabulary --both pages-- before getting down to writing.

C1: Write a 250-word Review following the rubrics on EITHER p. 142  (8) OR p. 143 (10) in 8f. Deadline 5th May
[Check here all the answers to the textbook activities]

C2: Write a 250-word Review following the rubrics on p. 143  (10) in 8f. Deadline 4th May
[Check here all the answers to the textbook activities]

Another option (if you have already written book or film reviews other years) is to write a review of:
  • a website / blog. Write about the layout, information provided and why people should use it.
  • a new restaurant. Write about the decor, food and people you might find there.
  • a gig / concert. Write about the singer / band, the audience and the performance.

Thursday 28 April 2022

Collocation Dictionary is an extremely useful collocation dictionary where you can check words and phrases in their usual context. If you doubt whether what you thought is right (or wrong); if you want to know for sure whether these words go together (or not)... use it, you'll love it!!!

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Treat Yourself To The Origins Of 11 Food Toponyms

Food Toponyms: Few things travel across borders as easily as food recipes and ingredients. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that there are so many foods named from where they originally come from. Sometimes the name comes from a specific ingredient like a fruit or vegetable that’s grown in a place, like Sichuan peppers or Fuji apples, while other times the name comes from a culture or cuisine, such as pad Thai or Boston baked beans. (From

EOI Cartagena

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Listen to Shopping Vocabulary

Listen to Shopping Vocabulary on High Level Listening Naturally Spoken English Practice 
and see all the words and phrases here.

Reading and Vocab activity with answers by OneStopEnglish / The Guardian  Shopping online? Don’t fall into the ratings trap

Revision activity sheet

It'll take you 15 mins to learn and revise something about To + Ving verbs, common comparisons and Phrases with HAND.

Monday 25 April 2022

Heath and Disease Wordlist

Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) Speaking Test Tips

Even though CPE oral exams are not the same as EOI ones, I am abolutelely sure you will find many useful tips below:

Proficiency Speaking Test Tips

Spanish News in English

Dear readers

This week EL PAÍS interviewed Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, about Europe’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Borrell remains a vocal supporter of energy independence for Europe and of supplying Kyiv with more weapons for self-defense.

We also ran a profile on US ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar, who has been tasked with mending the bilateral relationship after years of strain under former US president Donald Trump, and flagged up the controversy surrounding the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar later this year.

On the cultural stage we looked at the Venice Biennale, which opens on Saturday, and examined how art is impacted by war. And we analyzed how the enormously popular musical genre K-pop has evolved to become an online power that is shaping everything from Twitter to global politics.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from EL PAÍS English Edition. Thanks for reading.

Other pieces of news: Five Things to Know about Qatar World Cup 2022

Saturday 23 April 2022

Thursday 21 April 2022

The Environment: Weather & Climate Change

The Weather & Climate Change. Read this blog entry on Tomeu's C2 Blog --really interesting  and excellent to improve your vocabulary on the topic.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Animal Crossings

Do this reading activity from OneStopEnglish: Animal crossings


Tuesday 19 April 2022

Everyday Phrases

Try learning and using these 30 Everyday Phrases (by Lucy). Do the quiz at the end and check answers! 

Monday 18 April 2022

Spanish News in English

Dear readers,

This week EL PAÍS published a series of stories by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) exposing how shell companies are helping Russian oligarchs avoid Western sanctions. We also interviewed Andrei Kozyrev, who was the first foreign minister in post-Soviet Russia and who has shared his insights into what he views as the West's policy of appeasement towards Vladimir Putin.

In science news, we spoke with internationally renowned ethicist Bartha Knoppers about the implications of scientific advances in gene editing, and looked at what a 3,000-year-old body found in northern Spain reveals about the origins of the bubonic plague,

In culture, we examined how the towering figure of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda has been undermined by a feminist reassessment of his life (including a rape confession) and looked at new findings at a Guatemalan archeological site that shed light on the complexities of the Maya calendar.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from EL PAÍS English Edition. Thanks for reading.

Monday 11 April 2022

Word Pronunciation

You needn't watch it all on the same day. You'd better divide it into parts and enjoy it on several days. 
It's worth watching!
Yes. I know you pronounce most of them correctly... but you reinforce the ones you already did well and learn some you didn't pronounce properly!
Thanks Lucy for this wonderful video and Pronunciation Ebook!

Spanish News in English EL PAÍS

Dear readers,

This week, we took an in-depth look at the first phase of the war in Ukraine, comparing the losses sustained by both sides, as well as their military power. EL PAÍS correspondents also traveled to Bucha, where hundreds of civilians were found dead on the street following the withdrawal of Russian troops.

In science news, we looked at new research from one of the world's largest particle accelerators, which suggests there is a "new mechanism in nature" that we are not aware of, and reviewed the medical breakthroughs that are on the horizon, from more gene editing to the race to slow aging.

And finally, in culture, we examined why female songwriters are falsely accused of not being the creators of their own work, and academic Mary Beard's findings on Roman humor.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from EL PAÍS English Edition. Thanks for reading.

Friday 8 April 2022

Advanced Idioms & Phrases by ENGLISH WITH LUCY

An excellent read for the holidays to improve your Idioms and Phrases in English by Lucy. Do the activities, learn and have fun.

English with Lucy on YouTube

Thursday 7 April 2022

Revising during Holidays...

 ... is something really helpful and a fantastic idea. You can focus on your weakest points, which you already know, and also have fun with stories, activities or videos you didn't have time to study in detail before.

  • You might want to improve your vocabulary on one specific field: Education, IT, Work. Click on the Featured Post section.

The blog offers you plenty of possibilities... but you can also watch your favourite TV series in original version, read about your hobbies in English, enjoy a good novel (or short stories) written in English, talk to your English-speaking friends via Zoom, and so on and so forth. 
The idea is to be using your English (preferably all skills, not just one or two) so as it doesn't get rusty during the holiday.

World Health Day 2022

World Health Day 2022

Our planet, our health

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Speaking & Writing: self-assessment checklists

These Checklists (by Nataliazam) are extremely useful tools to improve your speaking & writing in the final exam.

Speaking Checklist Presentation (Individual)

Speaking Checklist Interaction (In pairs)

Writing Checklist

Make them all green ticks!!!

Thanks once more, Natalia!

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Chicago, an Unexpected Story

From its greatest inventions, to its amazing cuisine, Lisa will introduce you to her very own "Sweet home Chicago." Utilizing images and text, as well as through an interactive and explanatory talk with room and time for questions, you will learn how Chicago anchored the industrial revolution in the USA through is prime midwest location, and sparked an international cultural revolution with its Columbian Exhibition / Worlds Fair of 1893. We will talk people, places and food as well! 
While not as old as the history of Cartagena, Chicago has a rich story with unique global impacts to explore. Join Lisa Wagner on-line with the link provided on the Aula Virtual this afternoon at 7, as she talks about the history and culture of the great US city: Chicago.

Are you a clean freak?