Tuesday 14 June 2011

No Room for Doubt

·All the vocabulary sheets are below. Hope they're useful.
·I'll be answering any problem / doubt / question you post me
Advice for exam:
-Revise notes taken down during the year
-Revise mistakes in writing tasks
-Practise exam-like speaking
-Do different writing tasks (the difficult ones for you) pp. 199-214 in textbook
-Listen to the news DAILY
-Review vocabulary dealing with topics not studied in detail in class
-Talk to people (or to yourself) in English aloud. Meet classmates for English Tea conversation!
-Do ALL the above.

Monday 13 June 2011

Oral Practice by Splendid Speaking (Updated)

Try the following Splendid Speaking Activities to rehearse both the speech and the interaction parts of the oral exam:
Technology, Music, Language Learning, Jobs, Environmental Concerns, Cultural Attractions, Jobs, Eating Habits, Travel, Money, People, Home Sweet Home, Work, Life, Personality, Sport and Fitness, Cinema & TV, National Festivals.
Remember there are many other topics, all of which can be checked here ... and don't forget this.

Friday 3 June 2011

What's your English? Mac Dictionary


This is the name of a wonderful magazine written by our colleagues in Tudela EOI. I have chosen a couple of articles written by an advanced student (like you) and an English teacher (like me) from Tudela school. I just wanted to share them with you. Enjoy them!
If only I had been taught at the age of three...! and Wishes, hopes and resolutions.
If you happen to have a look at the whole magazine, click Castildelenguas.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Keep your English Up 2 Date

Have a look at this series of BBC Learning English. Check the words on your left and listen to Professor David Crystal talking about their usage. You can always start with series 1 or series 2.
Enjoy them!