Monday 20 November 2023

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As the second phase of Israel’s assault in Gaza culminated in the storming of the Al Shifa hospital, where military authorities believed Hamas was operating a command and control center and potentially storing weapons, we looked at the legality of the Israeli army's operations against medical complexes under the structure of international humanitarian law. EL PAÍS also went beyond the frontlines of the conflict to speak to members of Israel’s community of over 300,000 Bedouins, who have found themselves further isolated by the ravages of the ongoing war. “In these villages we are not protected by the Iron Dome. Nor do we have ambulances, shelters, alarm systems…” said Akel Kran, who lost one of his children in a rocket attack against the settlement of Al Bat in Israel’s Negev desert on October 7.

We also interviewed Kristi Coulter, who worked as an executive in Amazon’s Seattle headquarters for over a decade. The 53-year-old has just published Exit Interview, an account of her time at the tech giant and the working conditions imposed by the company. “At one point, I ran an executive coaching program. We would get these guys into a room, and these are like stoic alpha males, and they would be crying within 10 minutes,” she said.

‌Also this week, Pedro Sánchez was invested as prime minister of Spain for a third time after the Socialist leader secured a controversial pact with several minority parties, which included an amnesty deal for the figureheads of the 2017 bid for Catalonian secession. EL PAÍS analyzed how the head of the new coalition government has risen from obscurity to the cusp of becoming the second longest-serving prime minister since the country’s return to democracy.

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