Monday 25 March 2024

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'Ending the war militarily is impossible, because Russia is a nuclear country'

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As debate continues over the assertion of French President Emmanuel Macron that the deployment of international troops in Ukraine should not be ruled out, we interviewed Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who stated that is not Kyiv’s goal. “(...) We are very grateful to the European Union and partners for training tens of thousands of our soldiers in Europe. "We propose to our European partners to send instructors to Ukrainian territory, to make this process faster, since it would facilitate logistics and communication. (...).

In a week that saw Vladimir Putin extend his reign over Russia after presidential elections in which he ran practically unopposed, subsequently announcing “grandiose plans” for the country’s future, EL PAÍS analyzed the global network that allows the Kremlin to maintain its war machine and sidestep Western sanctions. From explicit political backing from states such as North Korea, Belarus, and Syria, to China’s economic support and military backing from Iran, in addition to a swathe of countries that offer trade options, black market opportunities and access to dual-use goods or financial services, Putin has established a diverse web of sympathizers to his cause. (...).

‌We also spoke to neurologist Josep Dalmau, of the Idibaps-Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, who in 2007 discovered the mechanisms behind a type of swelling of the brain called “anti-NMDAR encephalitis,” a milestone that would lead the scientist and his team of researchers to describe 12 of the 16 forms of autoimmune encephalitis that have been described since then. (...) This had a great impact on neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and intensive care (...).”

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