Monday 25 December 2023

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‌(...) To achieve a new exchange, Hamas demands an immediate cessation of hostilities, which the Israeli government is not willing to concede. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has indicated it is open to a “reformed” Palestinian National Authority (PA), which controls the West Bank, governing Gaza after the war (...) Israel’s objectives in the war are to demilitarize and de-radicalize Gaza, but also to “establish a civilian administration that cares about the people who live there.”

(...) “Nobody knows when it will end,” admitted Zelenskiy of the war with Russia. The White House has not been able to approve a $60 billion package for Ukraine amid opposition from Republican hardliners while Hungary’s move to block EU aid is another setback for Kyiv’s war effort. But Zelenskiy remains confident. “I am sure that the United States will not let us fall.”

EL PAÍS visited the VeryNile initiative in Cairo, which pays local fisherman for the plastic they pull from the Nile River. The project involves more than 100 fishermen from different parts of Egypt who work every day collecting plastics — between 20 and 30 tons per month — from the waterway. (...) “Now there is a big difference, not 100%, but 1,000%. There are more fish, the Nile is cleaner, the smell is better, everything.”

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