Monday, 9 February 2015

Aspects to assess in the writing and speaking expression tests

Organization: Cohesion, Linking words and Punctuation
Accuracy: Word Order, Grammar and Vocabulary
Variety: Ideas, Grammar and Vocabulary

Pronunciation, Fluency and linking ideas (+ Cooperation for Interaction part).
Accuracy: Grammar Structures and Vocabulary
Variety: Grammar Structures and Vocabulary

Fulfilment of Task +  Register for both skills


Anonymous said...

Good morning,
I´ve been told that one year ago (more or less) you didn´t publish our marks on the web with our whole names. You uploaded the last numbers of our identity card instead.
If so, would you mind to continue doing it like this? not only in February but also in June or in September (I hope not in this last month)
Thank you for preserving our privacity

Miguel Ángel said...

I'll publish marks with Identity Card numbers. That's the way I've been doing it lately.