Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Language tip of the week: bare synonyms | Macmillan

Language tip of the week: bare synonyms | Macmillan


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this useful information about "bare"

The only one that I don´t fully understand is in which context (informal, formal)could be used each meaning of bare. Besides this, in which situation could be used as well


Miguel Ángel said...

From Gran Diccionario Oxford 3rd Ed. & CALD 3rd Ed.

bare1 adjective barer , barest

A 1 (uncovered) blade/body/flesh/shoulder desnudo; head descubierto; foot descalzo; floorboards sin alfombrar; tree/branches/fields pelado, desnudo; wire pelado or (Spain) desnudo;
bare from the waist up desnudo hasta la cintura, con el torso desnudo;
to lay something bare poner or dejar algo al descubierto;
a landscape bare of vegetation un paisaje desprovisto de vegetación

2 walls desnudo; room con pocos muebles; bare of ornament sin adorno

B (before noun) 1 (without details) statement escueto; he gave me just the bare facts se ciñó estrictamente a los hechos

2 (mere): the bare essentials/necessities lo estrictamente esencial/necesario;
they have the barest majority tienen una mayoría muy escasa;
they earn the bare(st) minimum ganan lo justo para vivir;
the incident was given a bare two paragraphs el incidente apenas si mereció dos párrafos

bare /beə r / /ber/ adjective NO CLOTHES 1. without any clothes or not covered by anything
Don't walk around outside in your bare feet .
There's no carpet in the room, just bare floorboards.
See also barefoot
bare /beə r / /ber/ adjective BASIC 2. only the most basic or important
I just packed the bare essentials (= the most basic and necessary things) .
There isn't much time, so I'll just give you the bare facts/details .
3. the bare minimum the least possible amount
She eats only the bare minimum to stay alive.
bare /beə r / /ber/ adjective EMPTY 4. LITERARY If a cupboard or room is bare, there is nothing in it.
with your bare hands without using any type of tool or weapon
He wrestled the lion to the ground with his bare hands.
bare /beə r / /ber/ verb [ T ] to uncover something or make it bare
The men bared their heads (= took their hats off as a sign of respect) as they entered the church.
He became nervous when the dog growled and bared its teeth at him (= showed its teeth to him) .
bare your heart/soul to tell someone your secret thoughts and feelings
We don't know each other that well. I certainly wouldn't bare my soul to her.