Thursday, 16 May 2013


YES is a new magazine (sample here) specifically designed to help students from an intermediate level onwards to practise and improve their English. A 136-page monthly (10 issues) publication offering:
- A wide variety of stimulating articles (on science, economics, politics, literature, business, history, language, psychology and so on).
- One hour’s downloadable audio files with scripts.
- 22 pages of exercises with answers to consolidate what has been learned.
Two versions: digital (in PDF documents + the audio sample here in MP3 files) 30€; or paper edition 80€.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I´m in favour of methods like these to improve English. In fact, I used to read English magazines with variety subjects (Internet, Science, History events, grammar, etc). I used to memorize some grammar, and (according to the magazine) "useful sentences for oral exams", for instance. However, once I decided to put them into practise, I realize it was a completely waste of time. I´m emotionally drained. To my book, an unrewarding activity I was carrying out...
This is just my own experience.

Mª Jesús. said...

Personally I think the more you read the more you learn. Take it easy!
Please don´t be so perfectionist. I used to be as you are but it isn´t worthwhile.
Enjoy your improvement.
Otherwise, I find this "YES" magazine a little bit similar to a Think in English but the first one is far more completed to my mind.