Tuesday, 30 April 2013

100,000 visits

First of all thanks to my followers, not many but the first ones. And also to my students, the real target of the entries. I'm really happy to have reached 100,000 visits. Thanks to any English learner who finds something interesting on this 5-and-a-half-year-old blog. I'll try to keep on attracting your attention with more posts. I wouldn't mind a comment every now and then --just to know you're there.
100,000 million thanks!!!


Mira que luna said...

Congratulations, Miguel Angel for your 100.000 visits. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your effort for updating the posts.
Thanks a lot.
Have a good week and keep helping us.
Warm regards,
Carmen Martín

Itziar said...

Thanks to you, Miguel Ángel!
I belong to a coffee-speaking group in Irún whose partners are former students of the Language Official School.
Congratulations on your huge work. Sharing your blog helps a lot in our weekly meetings.
Thanks again and keep it up!

maiteaja said...

I agree with Itziar, thank you for letting us to use all the material you share. I use to recommend your blog, because I find it very helpful.