Friday, 15 March 2013

Speaking Lesson Monday 18th

On Monday we'll be talking about A visit to the doctor. Remember it doesn't have to be true. The idea is to introduce as much vocabulary as possible dealing with symptoms, illnesses and treatments (you can check on previous posts, try to be as specific as possible).

After that, we'll be talking about A bad habit you used to have: nail biting, smoking, being a chocoholic / workaholic / shoppaholic... Again, remember it doesn't necessarily have to be true. Answer the following questions: When did you realise you had a problem? When did you first try to give up? Were you successful? Why? Why not? What strategy did you adopt to help you kick the habit? How do you feel about it all now? Do you ever miss it?

During the last 15 minutes, in order to improve the interaction part, we'll be dealing with the book activity on p. 75 no. 3: Practice taking turns fluently. Use the following Conversation Strategies. (Thanks Ana)

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